To briefly introduce myself, my name is Alina Leshiner Decicco and I opened Suite201 11 years ago at the age of 25, by accident. 

Growing up I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, I was always just obsessed with clothes. The only part of any school assembly that ever was any interest to me was the dress code. I remember wanting to be just like my first grade teacher simply because she was “allowed” to pick out her own outfits everyday. 

It wasn’t until Junior year in art class that the famous K.Deer suggested I go into fashion. 
“That’s a thing?” I said? “ I can do that”? 

She just laughed, but that was it for me! And every time Kristine and I run into each other I thank her for that day! 

I had a serious obsession with fashion magazines, I would sit on my bed and cut pictures out and make collages of whatever things I was into at the time; a few years later I learned that was in-fact called creating a mood board🤪

I took my two loves; magazines and clothes and decided that I was going to be the next accessories editor of Harpers Bizarre- that became my dream! 

I won best dressed in my Senior superlatives and decided that was another sign that I was headed in the right direction, that if my Senior class voted for me then maybe I was onto something. 

I went to school for journalism; applied for an internship at Harpers Bizarre, got it- but decided not to take it. That’s a story for another time. 
So here I am- 11.5 years in; with the best team anyone could ask for; although not being the accessories editor of a magazine, but being a buyer, stylist, accountant, visual merchandiser, planning allocator, therapist, and most importantly friend to all our amazing customers. 

Sometimes things don’t happen like you plan but they turn out even better!!

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