Let us style you; whatever your needs may be.
Most of our styling services are offered in store; free of charge!! Click here for some options that fit your needs.

Call Ahead:
Simply call, text, or DM us! Wheather it’s for a denim refresh, a dress for a wedding, or just a dinner, we will have your fitting room filled with options for when you arrive.

Complete Your Look:
- You simply need help completing your look; accessories like earrings, shoes, bags etc.
- Whether the accessories are from Suite or sourced from brands we do not sell in our store; we are happy to help you complete your look. 

Style The Entire Family:
- Sometimes outfitting your entire family can be the biggest stressor of planning your big event. Let us style your entire family so it’s one less thing you need to worry about. 

- Family photos, engagement pictures, holiday photos. This is one of our favorites.  
- We can help organize your vacation looks based on destination and trip type.
- Example: Family vacations call for very different looks than girl trips, or couple trips, and so on!
- We can help pick all your outfits so all you have to do is place your new items in your suitcase.
Wardrobe Refresh Including Polaroids:
- Whether you need staple pieces for the upcoming season, or you’re pregnant, or maybe you’re just sick of everything you have and need help putting looks together. We will pull options, style your looks, and take pics for you to reference when you go home!
In Home Visit:
- We come to you. Sort through your closet, filter through the things you need vs the things you don’t need. Put outfits together, suggest key pieces and staples we feel you’re missing from your wardrobe, and shop for you to fill the

Our store is located in downtown Ridgewood, NJ

- South Walnut Street Ridgewood, NJ 07450   



Monday 10am-5pm

Tuesday 10am-5pm

Wednesday 10am-6pm

Thursday 10am-6pm

Friday 10am-6pm

Saturday 10am-5pm

Sunday Closed


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