Gifts Under $100

Gifts Under $100

The holidays are approaching so quickly. No need to panic, we have the perfect gifts for you to get your special someone and just under $100! Don't forget to apply 10ALWAYS at checkout to receive 10% your order. XO





A. Jocelyn The #MakeItHappen Mandy Mitten

B. Jocelyn The #YassssQueen Hat 

C. Jocelyn The #HeavyMetal Hat 

D. Samfa Style Large & Small Sparkly Chokers

E. Samfa Style Hoop Earrings 

F. Samfa Style Charm Bracelet

G. BB Dakota Faux Fur Coat

H. Faux Fur Vest

I. Michael Lauren Otis Fitted V-Neck

J. David Lerner Classic Legging

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