Get Creative with Your Denim!

Get Creative with Your Denim!

Are you looking to get alittle creative with your denim or even give them an updated look? Don't toss them aside or go out and buy a new pair you when you can DIY! We promise, its super easy. Just follow the steps below! xoxo




Something so simple as trimming off the bottom hem to add a bit of fraying or even a more cropped look. This is the easiest to do!

Step 1. The best thing to do is put your jeans on and cuff or mark with a piece of chalk exactly how short you want them.

Step 2. Next, lay them flat on the floor and if you’ve used chalk or a pen, go over the lines to make them easier to see.

Step 3. Then snip snip! You might have to trim a few times to make sure both legs are even. Once you start snipping here and there your going to want to updated all your jeans! Keep in mind washing them gives it more of a worn look.



Now if you feel like you've mastered the above pretty well and feel like you are ready for more of a challenge, try a slit knee or knees! We personally love a good knee rip =)

Step 1. Try your jeans on and use chalk to draw a line where your want the rips to be.

Step 2. Next lay them flat on the floor and start cutting along the line with scissors. I usually do a simple straight cut, but if you want you can do it a bit messier. Also don't cut directly to each seam, leave 1/4" and when you put them back on let them naturally rip a tiny bit. 

Step 3. Last using either a nail file or sandpaper, rough up your cut. If you really want the threads to look like they’re bursting from the fabric, remember just put them through the wash!



Another different way to give your denim some new life is with paint. This is for the crafty ones, don't worry nothing dramatic and crazy!  And remember you can totally use whatever amount your in the mood for or the look your going for =)

Step 1. Cut two pieces of cardboard to fit the bottom half of your jeans below your knees and insert them into each pant leg. This will make your jeans stay flat and straight.

Step 2. Squirt white fabric paint onto a paper plate in a line and then lay one piece of string in the paint. Completely cover that section of string in paint using your paintbrush. Or you can splatter so its not perfect!

Step 3. Hold your piece of string tight from both sides and lay it down onto one pant leg to apply paint. Carefully pull the string away, refill with paint and repeat.

Step 4. Touch up your lines or add little dots of paint as you wish with a fine paintbrush and let dry before wearing.

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